Guardians Reborn

Heaven's Wrath

Welcome to Guardians Reborn/ Heaven's Wrath!! We are a family friendly free to play UO emulated shard based in the Mondain's Legacy Era. The shard has been in the building and beta phases since 2010, there have been many changes made from the map you play on to the clothing and weapons you use. Some changes that have  been made to the map include static housing, a new dungeon and additions to existing dungeons. Visit our screenshot gallery to get a good idea of what has been done to add a twist to your UO game play.

Guardians of Paradise originally came into existance back in 2005 when a group of dedicated players were tired of bouncing from free shard to free shard only to have shards close down just as we became settled there. To solve our dilemna of where to play, we built our own shard that lived for nearly 3 years before a series of regretful issues made it impossible to bring the shard back from a computer crash. This shard brings you a new dedicated server and culmination of the great old quests you may remember and bunch of new custom ones you won't find elsewhere.

Our shard has a stat cap of 600, that is 200 of each Strength, Dexterity and Intelligence. Originally we had a skill cap with the possibility of raising it, as of January 2014 the skill cap has been REMOVED and all players can train ALL skills.

To play on our shard, you will need to either download our complete client from the link, or install a fresh ML client patched up between 6.0.6 but no higher than 6.0.9 and then add in our custom patches with the provided instructions from our forums. Once a new version of connect UO or other patching launcher comes about, we will be sure to list ourselves there to make it easier for everyone.